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Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough: A Guide to Nine Spiritual Fasts - Unabridged
Audiobook on CD


Most believers know about fasting, but few really understand the wonderful benefits that come when we fast with purpose and direction. This audio gives the why of fasting, rather than just the how. Towns avoids a glut of techniques and schedules; instead he provides a probing look at Isaiah 58, often called "the fasting passage," and introduces nine biblical fasts---each designed for a specific physical and spiritual outcome. Learn how fasting can strengthen your faith and draw you closer to God, helping you to be a true over comer in Christ. Unabridged. 6 CDs. 6.8 hours. Narrated by Michael Kramer.

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough Study Guide - eBook


The personal study guide leads individuals through the nine fasts described in Dr. Towns's bestselling book Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough. By the use of questions, the reader is guided through the different purposes and elements of each type of fast. It is for every Christian who is seeking a deeper relationship with God, a strengthened faith, an understanding of the relationship with God, and an understanding of the discipline of fasting. This study can be used by individuals for personal study or as a test for small Bible study groups.

Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, revised and updated: A Practical Guide to Nine Biblical Fasts


Discover a closer walk with God through fasting! After explaining the biblical basis for this spiritual discipline, Towns introduces you to nine models and their purposes, including the "Ezra Fast" (to solve problems), "Saint Paul Fast" (to bring insight), and "Daniel Fast" (to gain health). Now includes a 40-day devotional, glossary, study questions, and more. Paperback.

Fasting with the Lord's Prayer: Experience a Deeper and More Powerful Relationship with God - eBook


Not if you fast--when! Our Lord knew the supernatural power and intimacy with the Father that emerges from a life infused with spiritual disciplines. Fasting with the Lord's Prayer is your guide to praying as Jesus taught and fasting for breakthrough answers from our heavenly Father. You will find practical, biblical guidelines to help you prepare for and experience a meaningful fast, and an in-depth exploration of the seven petitions of the Lord's Prayer. Plus, 21 daily readings will add richness to your time spent drawing closer to God. The Father is ready to meet your need. Are you ready to draw near and pray?

Food, Fasting and Faith


Now, my friend, if we do not know what to eat or what to drink, how can we do all to the glory of God? God has seen to it that the best of things in life are free and simple. Sunshine and fresh air are free and easily accessible and yet, absolutely necessary to life. Love and friendship cost nothing, but are essential to joy and happiness. The other reason I write this book is because for ten years, its truth has worked in my own life and ministry. After thirty-five years of sickness, two operations, treatment for ulcers and many lost days, weeks, and months, it is a sin for me to get sick when there is a way to stay well. We’ve just gone through an epidemic and scourge of flu, second to that of World War I. With all the doctors and hospitals and miracle drugs, there still seems to be no cure for the common cold and flu and pneumonia. Think of the loss of time of pupils and parents and also the expense for medicine and hospital bills! As I begin the first chapter in this book, I ask you to grant me two requests. First, give me an open mind, and second, give me credit for sincerely trying to write a book that will be practical and helpful to you and your whole family. Someone has said that success is learning to do what you don’t like to do. Well, after this book is written, I’m bound to be a success!

God's Chosen Fast: A Spiritual and Practical Guide to Fasting Christianbook

Having proved over many years the great value and blessing of fasting, the author has written this book to share with others what the Bible has to say about this important and neglected subject. His aim has been to furnish a handbook which deals not only with all the main passages in Scripture that touch on the matter, but also with the practical issues involved. This is a balanced study which seeks to give to the subject that weight that Scripture gives it and avoids exaggeration and over-emphasis. The book includes a biblical index, and a appendix dealing with the textual problems surrounding four references to fasting in the New Testament.

Key Principles of Biblical Fasting


Key Principles of Biblical Fasting is 6-week small-group study for people who are interested in learning for themselves more about what the Bible says on various subjects, but who have only limited time to meet together. Through this invigorating study, you'll gain a clear understanding of the principles behind this practice and be equipped to make fasting a key part of your relationship with God. With the leader's notes and Bible passages included right in the book, each self-contained study is a powerful resource for personal growth and small-group discussion.

Knowing God Through Fasting - eBook


Juicing, Fasting, and Detoxing for Life: Unleash the Healing Power of Fresh Juices and Cleansing Diets / Revised - eBook


Did you know the secret to vibrant health is in your blender? It's true - juicing vegetables provides concentrated nutrition that is found in virtually no other source: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. By juicing, you'll feel better, more energized, and improve your immune system. More than a simple collection of recipes, this book guides readers toward a lifestyle that promotes alkaline balance by juicing, eating well, and cleansing the body and soul. While most juicing books focus too much on fruit juice (which disrupts the body's pH balance with too much natural sugar), this book primarily focuses on juices, smoothies and soups made from vegetables. It also offers a guide to the food richest in nutrients from Vitamin A to zinc and includes various cleanses to benefit the colon, liver, gall bladder, and kidney and more. Beyond the body, the Calboms explain the heavy toll emotional, mental, and spiritual unrest can take on the body (and sometimes even encourage disease) and share unique, effective methods for cleansing the body of such toxicity.

The Breakthrough Guide to Fasting: 3-in-1 Collection


Book one of this volume, Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, will show you the biblical reasons for fasting and how it can strengthen your faith, draw you closer to God, and enable you to truly overcome in Christ. This book will also introduce you to the nine fasts presented in the Bible--each of which is designed for a specific physical and spiritual outcome. Book two, Fasting for Financial Breakthrough, reveals practical steps you can take to break the bonds of financial dependence and become good stewards of the resources God provides. Book three, The Daniel Fast for Spiritual Breakthrough, will coach you through a 10-day or 21-day fast based specifically on the Daniel Fast. This book includes 21 daily readings and recipes from executive chef John P. Perkins. Paperback.

The Daniel Fast for Spiritual Breakthrough


Take a lesson from the prophet Daniel---and rejuvenate your spiritual life! In this step-by-step guide, the best-selling author of Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough coaches you through a 10- or 21-day vegetable-and-water diet---sharing principles of worship, self-discipline, discernment, repentance, and spiritual warfare. Includes prayers and recipes from executive chef John Perkins. 176 pages, softcover from Baker.

The Power of Prayer and Fasting: God's Gateway to Spiritual Breakthroughs, Revised and Expanded


Pray to God? Sure! But fasting? Sharing compelling real-life experiences, the host of Ronnie Floyd Winners shows how these two disciplines together have changed lives! In this updated edition, you'll learn how to renew your spiritual walk with simple, practical plans for a one-, 3-, 7-, or 40-day fast. Includes a new chapter about church-wide participation. 240 pages, softcover from B&H.

The Power of Prayer and Fasting – eBook


The hand-in-hand spiritual discipline of prayer and fasting is not a gimmick or a spiritual fad, although its neglect in recent decades makes it a new discovery for many Christians. Instead, as author Ronnie Floyd explains, prayer and fasting is a Scripture-ordained act of obedience—a means of humbling ourselves before God, drawing closer to Him, and making room for Him to speak and act in our lives.

Tony Evans Speaks Out on Fasting


The Christian life isn't very complicated; but we've made it so through our ignorance of principles central to the Christian walk. There are some basics with which people need to be equipped to live a more victorious Christian life. Dr. Tony Evans has heard the people's cry for these sometimes difficult principles to be made simple and explained clearly and succinctly. In his new Tony Evans Speaks Out...booklet series, Dr. Evans tackles four basic elements of Christianity with a clarity and simplicity characteristic of his popular style.

Fasting for a Miracle: How God's Power Can Overcome the Impossible


Discussing seven types of supernatural events---including creation, and prayer---Towns shows how God partners with us to do the impossible when we fast wisely and biblically. 224 pages, softcover from Baker.

Fasting for Financial Breakthrough


Can fasting pave the way to wealth and fortune? Probably not...but it can unearth a more precious treasure: God's direction for your life---including your finances. In this sequel to Fasting for Spiritual Breakthrough, Towns explores how prayerful fasting relates to stewardship, gratitude, financial problem-solving, and trusting in God's provision. 96 pages, softcover from Baker.

El Ayuno Escogido por Dios/God's Chosen Fast, Spanish Edition


Un manual practico que trata de los pasajes importantes de las Escrituras sobre el ayuno. Tambien trata de las normas practicas envueltas en dicho tema. El ayuno es importante. Es una ventana que abre nuevos horizontes en el mundo invisible. Es una arma espiritual provista por Dios para ayudarnos a "derribar fortalezas."
A practical handbook on the important Scripture passages concerning fasting. This book also explains the process surrounding this topic. Fasting is important. It is a window that opens to new horizons in the invisible world. It is a spiritual weapon provided by God to help us "destroy strongholds."

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