The Korean Revival and Robert Jermain Thomas

Chosen for Choson
By Stella Price


This book is about the life of Robert Jermain Thomas. His life was short but consequential and an inspiration to many. Thomas was strong-willed. His character led him to serve the ordinary people of China and Korea in an extraordinary manner. However, his zeal for spreading the Word of God also led to his unexpected and tragic death. Read this book and be inspired of his life and how God used him to bring the gift of salvation to the people in Korea.

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Servant of Christ: Robert Jermain Thomas & Korean Revivals


Servant of Christ is an enthralling documentary tracing the historical roots of Christianity on the Korean Peninsula. It started in 1866 when Welsh missionary to China, Robert Jermain Thomas, brought Bibles to Korea when the American vessel carrying him was attacked and all crew killed. He handed the Korean combatant a Bible before the Korean beheaded him. Twenty-four years later, a full-time missionary to Korea by the name Samuel Moffett met with the people who had contact with Thomas, including the children of his executioner. Several of these Koreans became leaders in the budding Korean Christian movement and witnessed mighty revivals that led to the flourishing of the Gospel in that nation.

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The Torchlighters, Heroes of the Faith: The Robert Jermain Thomas Story


Robert Jermain Thomas is a promising Welsh minister with a gift for new languages. For Robert, there is no doubt God wants him to use his abilities to bring the Gospel of Jesus to the Far East. But when he suffers tragedy in China, Robert loses direction and hope. That is, until he meets two Christian fishermen from the "Hermit Kingdom" of Korea who want to know more. Though Christianity is illegal and Westerners forbidden, Robert has a new mission: to bring the Word of God to the Korean people, no matter the cost.

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