Shandong: The Revival Province Book by Paul Hattaway


China is a communist country and Christianity is not very welcome in most of its provinces. But God does not forget the Chinese people. He sent missionaries to share the good news about Jesus Christ to the people of China. There was an extraordinary explosion of Christianity that occurred in China in recent decades. Paul Hattaway recorded this. He gathered his information from numerous interviews with church leaders in China to provide insights into how the living God brought about the largest revival in the history. Hattaway starts his account with the province of Shandong. Read the account on his book Shandong: The Revival Province.

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Asia Harvest (article)
Shandong - ‘The Revival Province’ by Paul Hattaway
“In this newsletter we are glad to announce the first book in a series on the mighty revival which has swept China during the past 50 years. We believe The China Chronicles books will be a great blessing and encouragement, and will enrich the spiritual lives of all who read them.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

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Church Times (article)
Shandong: The revival province, by Paul Hattaway
“The astonishing growth of Chinese Christianity is increasingly well known around the Christian world today. Less well understood are the huge varieties in the experience and theologies of Chinese Christians. So Paul Hattaway’s new book introducing the history of revivalist Christianity in one of China’s northern provinces is a welcome contribution.” (Read more about this article, click the link above.)

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