The Revival in Wales, The Welsh Revival, and Evan Roberts

The Welsh Revival, which happened during 1904-1905, was considered the largest Christian revival in the history of Wales. Over 150,000 people were converted during this time. There was a dramatic transformation in the lives and lifestyle of many people in Wales. The outpouring power of the Holy Spirit was evident in many homes, families, and churches. This revival was the work of God with the participation of young people who had experienced the divine power of God. One of these young people was Evan Roberts.

Below are links to books, websites, and videos about the Welsh Revival. We hope you and your church will be blessed by their amazing spiritual transformation.

A Diary of Revival (DVD)

A Diary of Revival: Story of the 1904 Welsh Awakening | Christian (DVD)

An Instrument of Revival: The Complete Life of Evan Roberts
By Brynmor Pierce Jones

Defining Moments: Evan Roberts And The Welsh Revival (eBook)
By Bill Johnson

Evan Roberts
Lights 4 God

Evan Roberts
By Barnabas Harper

Evan Roberts and The Great Revival in Wales
By S. B. Shaw

Evan Roberts and The Great Revival in Wales
By S. B. Shaw
Barnes and Noble

Evan Roberts Highlights From Welsh Revival

God's Generals: Evan Roberts (eBook)
By Roberts Liardon

God's Generals for Kids: Evan Roberts
By Roberts Liardon, Olly Goldenberg

God's Generals, Volume 3: Evan Roberts (DVD)
By Roberts Liardon|M

I Saw the Welsh Revival Book

Invasion of Wales by the Spirit Through Evan Roberts
By James A. Stewart

Invasion of Wales by The Spirit Through Evan Roberts
By James A. Stewart
Challenge Press-Book Heaven

The Awakening in Wales: A First-Hand Account of the Welsh Revival of 1904
By Jessie Penn-Lewis

The Welsh Revival - Evan Roberts

The Welsh Revival & The Story of The Welsh Revival: As Told by Eyewitnesses Together With a Sketch of Evan Roberts and His Message to The World
By William T. Stead, G. Campbell Morgan, Arthur Goodrich, Evan Roberts

War on the Saints - Chapter 1 - by Evan Roberts - Revivalist from Wales

War on the Saints - Chapter 2 - by Evan Roberts

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